8 Cannabis Chefs To Watch

Bluntness Team

With marijuana becoming increasingly popular across the United States in recent years, cannabis chefs have become increasingly more common. So too has their creativity as well as the overall quality of the meals that they've been creating. However, this can often lead to many wondering which ones stand out from the crowd. This is somewhat of a difficult question to answer, although there are a few notable chefs making a name for themselves in the niche.

Andrea Drummer

Andrea Drummer has been making quite a prominent name for herself in the industry, thanks in large part to an impressive education and career history before entering the cannabis cooking niche. During this time, she's worked in the likes of the Ritz-Carlton in L.A, as well as under Neal Fraser in the Redbird and Vibiana. 

Stephany Gocobachi

Based in San Francisco, Stephany Gocobachi is best known as the founder of the Flour Child Collective, which has become a significant name in the industry. With the company, Gocobachi has approached creating edibles the same way she would approach fine-dining. As a result, she's become increasingly known for her high-quality products and ingredients.

Jessica Catalano

Jessica Catalano has worked in a variety of different positions in the food world. Chief among these have been the likes of a recipe developer, food journalist and much more. Coupled with an education in a variety of different niches in the area, Catalano has begun developing a name for herself in the edible industry across Denver.

Miguel Trinidad

Since graduating from the Institute of Culinary Education in New York, Miguel Trinidad has been influenced by a variety of different cooking styles and cultures. Chief among these have been the likes of Japanese, Malay, and Spanish influences. This resulted in Trinidad fusing many of these styles into his cooking and creating a unique name for himself in the industry.

Scott Durrah

Scott Durrah has owned and expanded a variety of restaurants across the country, with some of the more notable being The Jamaican Café and Southern Bistro & Bar in Denver. He also became known for opening the first black-owned cannabis dispensary in the United States. By fusing both of these, Durrah began forging a path that many have hoped to follow in.

Unika Noiel

With a focus on soul and Southern food, Unika Noiel has been able to forge quite a career for herself in the marijuana cooking world. This has primarily been because she's one of the few soul-focused chefs in the niche that consistently produces a variety of high-quality dishes in the niche. This has been enhanced by a variety of high-quality restaurants and an education to help her build a solid reputation for her career.

Coreen Carroll

After graduating from the San Francisco Cooking School, Coreen Carroll began making a stellar name for herself across the state. Much of this has been under a variety of well-known chefs in the area. However, it was when she founded the marijuana-infused food company Madame Munchie that her career began to take off.

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