8 Women Leading the Charge in Cannabis Innovation

Bluntness Team

These women are always on the cusp of new and innovative ways to grow the cannabis business. From advocating for cannabis rights to creating the next big product, these ladies are always on the edge of the future.

Amanda Reiman
Amanda Reiman, PhD, a native of the Midwest is a researcher and public health expert. Her curiosity began when she noticed the vast perceptual differences between the Midwest and the San Francisco Bay Area. She was the Policy Manager for the Drug Policy Alliance in California. She is Vice President of Community Relations at the company, Flow Kana.

Amanda Reiman focuses on cultivating a healthy product grown outdoors in the sunshine, and she discourages modern large agricultural growing methods to produce healthy CBD products. She helped to bring a group of farmers in the Emerald Triangle area of California to collaborate in everything from legalization and regulations to the growing, processing, and distribution that focuses on education, economics, and health.

Amy Poinsett
Amy Poinsett was co-founder and CEO of MJ Feeway. This company provides a technology platform specifically created for this industry. The software is flexible that starts wherever the extrepreneur is in the business and helps every aspect of their business to grow.

Solutions for databases, point of sale, compliance, personnel training, monitoring, analysis, accounting, inventory, and much more. Amy Poinsett's innovative company consulting has provided a critical support platform for all phases of this new line of business.

Jessie Gill
Jessie Gill is a registered nurse whose background is in holistic health and hospice. She became a patient because of nerve damage suffered from a spinal injury in 2014. Traditional treatments, including drugs and surgery, did not help. As a last resort, she agreed to try an alternative from the hemp plant. She became an immediate supporter and now has a website MarijuanaMommy, from which she guides beginners and teaches classes.

She also goes out into the community introducing the medicinal benefits to chiropractors, other health care providers, and pharmacies. Her goal is to persuade a third of the population to try cannabis first as opposed to opiates.

Jennie Argie
Jenny Argie is Founder and CEO of Baked at Home. She discovered her passion for developing new products from her venture in creating children’s furniture. After breast cancer and a double mastectomy, she elected to research the benefits of full spectrum hemp as opposed to going on a five-year hormone program.

She studied and read everything she could get her hands on about full spectrum hemp and the benefits. Jennie Argie is a great advocate of do-it-yourself learning. She teaches her audience about the different cannabinoids. She instructs the proper medicinal use of both CBD and THC.

Jane West
Jane West, is CEO of Shop Jane West. She started Women Grow, a professional marijuana focused networking organization. Jane West is committed to transforming the awareness and advancement of women as consumers and business leaders in the hemp industry.

A former event planner; they fired her from her job when news of her interest in cannabinoids became public. So she turned her full interests and expertise to creating, introducing, and promoting hemp products in social circles and communities of women interested in the topic. She created her own products featuring the flower and has integrated them into mainstream life.

Ronit Pinto
Ronit Pinto is a filmmaker, founder, and publisher of Honeysuckle Magazine that spotlights the entire counterculture and mainstream facets of the industry. The magazine takes a creative approach and strives to take an honest look at the hemp culture of the East Coast vs. the West Coast, and even internationally.

She covers the broad spectrum of holistic health benefits, science and sustainability, history, music, prejudices and the impact of illegal traditions. Honeysuckle Magazine explores the spiritual, holistic health, and social aspects through culture and art.

Nancy Gruskin Warner
Nancy Gruskin Warner brought her thirty years of engineering experience in the pharmaceutical packaging business to the cannabinoid industry.

She has found it challenging because of the legal diversities, the banking issues, and the rapidly changing marketplace. Her company, Assurpack LLC, is a leader in providing attractive and effective packaging solutions including child resistant packaging for this new industry.

Monica Jones
Monica Jones is the Creative Director of Bud Branding. She has been helping entrepreneurs in the hemp industry define their business dreams. Like so many others in this industry, she has a personal story and believes the products can improve many lives. Their individual personal story is always important and a starter. They must decide what their core focus is, and 'who is their core customer?'

In an industry that will get competitive, the inexperienced business owner must rapidly learn the nature of their brand and how to capture a lasting presence. She has been a major force in expanding the conversation about cannabinoids and redefining the customer base.

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