Here are the 5 Best Weed Documentaries to Learn From

Bluntness Team

Cannabis is becoming more prevalent than ever as people realize its health benefits. Documentary makers have documented much of these changes and have taken upon themselves to make people aware of different aspects of marijuana including politics, health, economy, and gang-affiliated issues.

Here are some of the best cannabis-related informational documentaries that cover everything you would want to know about marijuana.

Weed the People

It is named after a celebration that took place in Oregon after recreational marijuana was legalized. It is aimed at investigating the absurdity of the prohibition of medical marijuana.

Its predominant focus is on how parents administer medical CBD products to kids with life-threatening conditions and the struggles they go through. (Check out our Q&A with director Abby Epstein here).

Cannabis, A Lost History

Of all marijuana documentaries, this is the movie with the most homemade feel, but it is as informational as others. As the title stipulates, this movie follows the history of marijuana use within different cultures.

It focuses on the endocannabinoid system in the human body, and how relationships with marijuana must get back to human existence dawn. The movie also touches on the general as well as physical health tests from before and after marijuana consumption.

The Union: The Business Behind Getting High

It is a Canadian marijuana documentary that explores the distribution and growth of the underground marijuana market in Canada.

It features celebrities such as Lester Grinspoon, Tommy Chong, and Joe Rogan. The film answers any question that people may have about preconceptions surrounding marijuana use.

The Culture High

This is a follow-up to The Union, which inspects the recent marijuana prohibition history and peoples’ motive on either side of the marijuana legalization debate.

Everyone, including non-active marijuana users, would be hard pushed not to campaign for the marijuana legalization after watching this movie.

A Normal Life

The film touches on the current state of medical marijuana in the United States. It also documents personal stories from caregivers, doctors, and patients to verify the therapeutic effectiveness of marijuana as lead activists protest against the legalization of medical marijuana products.

Pot comes with endless health benefits that can benefit everyone including the economy. Over time, the marijuana industry has evolved into a giant, with an annual income of $7 billion in Canada alone.

A Normal Life was aimed at demystifying the underground marijuana market in Canada and explain how an industry can be allowed to function while it remains illegal.