Next Trend: The Virtual Reality Cannabis Dispensary

Tameka Kee

It's well known that dispensaries can be intimidating to new cannabis users, especially with so many different strains and brands.

Virtual Reality is a great way to educate their skittish customers in the comfort of their own homes and at their own pace. Thus cannabis retailers and others in the industry will be watching the impending launch of Weed VR, which is owned by Nova Scotia-based producer Biome Grow.

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Author: Michelle da Silva / Source: NOW Magazine

Weed VR’s augmented reality app allows users to have an interactive experience with virtual bud through their mobile phones.

For anyone who has ever been intimidated about walking into a shop to buy some bud, you may never have to – at least not physically.

Weed VR, a virtual reality dispensary for cannabis, is expected to drop before legalization in October.

Toronto-based Occupied VR launched the platform on 4/20 last year. In June, Weed VR – which stands for Weed Virtual Retail – was acquired by Biome Grow, a new company that owns Highland Grow, a licensed producer in Nova Scotia.

And the idea of creating a virtual library of the company’s strains was born.

“Eventually, our business plan is to start scanning other company’s products and provide those data sets as embeddable content on their websites,” says Fezz Stenton, creator of Weed VR and technical director at Occupied VR.

So far, Occupied VR has scanned and processed one of Biome Grow’s strains. It takes several hours to take thousands of photos of a single bud in order to create a 3-D model and then a highly-detailed virtual rendering of the object.

At a launch party at a Bay Street pub last week, nearly 100 attendees – mostly well-heeled Biome Grow business investors – were able to put on a VR headset (they used the Oculus) to try out Weed VR’s beta for themselves.

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