The Impact of Organic Cannabis on the Marijuana Industry

Bluntness Team

Revolution of cannabis

Smoking of cannabis has been ongoing for decades now with endless battles of whether the drug is good or harmful to one's health. Luckily, in the past decade, most states have legalized the smoking of cannabis after scientists discovered it has no adverse effects on the human body. However, while this may be a triumph to many lovers of the drug, a new concern of smoking safe and healthy cannabis has risen. Most farmers growing cannabis use pesticides to kill insects and other harmful organisms that affect the plant. While this may be effective in ensuring the cannabis plant grows to full term and in time for harvest, the pesticides still reside in the plant and are harmful to the human body. This poses a concern for many smokers of cannabis because of the chemicals and additives that the drug contains.

Organic cannabis and its impact

Organic marijuana is safe and healthy for smoking because it does not contain synthetic pesticides. All cannabis users can safely smoke it without having to worry about the additives and its chemicals. Cannabis is a product that one takes without washing because the product is already dried. Therefore it can be had to maintain certain hygienic levels because one is forced to consume it as it is. The responsibility thus lies on the part of the farmer to ensure that throughout the farming process the plant is disinfected correctly and kept clean.

This cannabis has greatly impacted the marijuana community because they meet the USDA standards of approval. Most farmers argue that creating cannabis that is safe to consume is next to impossible, but at least it can be manufactured organically. Cannabis Certification Counsel has helped cannabis growers by providing them with certification on cannabis that is fairly and organically produced.

Benefits of organically produced cannabis

Organically produced cannabis has a lot of benefits to the environment as well as to the people using it. It benefits the environment in that it prevents soil and water pollution that would have been caused by the use of heavy metals and pesticides. There are new methods of pest control that are environmentally friendly and affordable such as biological control. Biological control adapts the use of natural elements to kill harmful organisms in plants, and it is organically approved. Organically produced cannabis is beneficial to the people smoking it because it there is no ingestion of harmful chemicals. These harmful chemicals are known to cause health issues in individuals, and the diseases can be fatal.

As much as organically produced cannabis has not yet been put on the USDA regulations, farmers can still follow some of the standards set for other plants. These standards ensure that the cannabis grown uses safe farming techniques and products that are fit for human consumption. One can also use OMRI approved products in their farming.


The growth of cannabis is not federally legal, but one cannot turn a blind eye to the millions of people consuming it each year. Taking the necessary precaution to ensure the safety of these individuals is thus paramount.

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