What Cannabis Companies Are Doing To Be More Green

Bluntness Team

Many cannabis companies are making a serious effort to be green and more friendly to the earth. The majority of consumers take the sustainability of a product into consideration prior to making a purchase. Many consumers will even pay more for a sustainable product. One of the ways these companies are decreasing their carbon footprint is by using solar power, LED lighting and water reclamation systems. The greenhouses control the level of moisture, the light and the temperature. LED lighting also decreases the need for fertilizer and nutrients.

The Electrical Consumption
Cannabis companies are decreasing their CO2 emissions and electricity consumption by integrating cooling and lighting systems using either gas or coal. This efficiently prevents the plants from becoming too hot in a more sustainable manner. All plants require water. The industry has started using reverse osmosis and closed circuit desalination systems to decrease the amount of water needed. These systems stabilize and reuse between 75 and 97 percent of the water. The water usage is tracked and water is disposed of properly using cultivators and processors.

Disposing of the Waste Production with Sustainability
Numerous companies in the industry are using plant waste for production by creating compost material with generators. This can substantially reduce the amount of waste. Although cannabis is supposed to be grown indoors for regulated safety and security reasons, the expectations are all of the plants will eventually be grown outdoors. This is already happening in a limited amount of areas. The growth of the plants beneath the sun eliminates the need for high intensity lights. This effectively decreases energy consumption and increases sustainability.

The Importance of the Packaging
Packaging is a big, wasteful problem in the cannabis industry. The law requires exit bags and child-proof containers. These products are nearly impossible to recycle and not friendly to the environment. Fortunately, alternatives are being created by enterprising entrepreneurs. These new options will make the packaging safe, and keep the packaging from being dumped into landfills. This industry believes giving back to the earth and the community is just as important as making a profit. The majority of the industry bases their activities and decisions on ethical behavior and transparency.

The Consumption of Resources
Many cannabis businesses require a lot of resources for cooling, heating, fans, water pumps. dehumidification, lights, CO2 injection systems, etc. The power consumption, waste management and water management are being connected to reduce the impact on the earth. The operations are adhering to the goal of decreasing emissions. This is accomplished in numerous ways such as energy efficiency and the use of cleaner energy sources including onsite solar generators and energy efficient HVAC systems and lights.

Working with the State Regulators
Companies are working with the regulators in their states and attending meetings. They are discussing proposed regulations, protecting the environment, reducing greenhouse gas, renewable energy and energy efficiency to find the best possible solutions. Insights are being shared regarding decreasing the excess use of water and energy. All of these options are being combined to reduce the carbon footprint of the industry.

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