3 Cities Considering Opening Cannabis Lounges

Jeff Klingman

San Diego, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles Want Weed Lounges
Members of the San Diego City councils economic development are developing a proposal so cannabis industries can share their ideas and a more concrete plan can be put into action within the next two years.

San Diego is a leader in cannabis dispensaries and testing facilities. Many San Diego city officials have been aggressively seeking ways to increase access to cannabis to capture tax revenues that can be gained from opening cannabis lounges.

Las Vegas city officials are trying excessively to open cannabis lounges to increase the steadily growing capital which comes primarily from casino income. Since Las Vegas has over 60 million tourists per year, the need to have a place to consume cannabis is a necessity. There are currently 10 dispensaries in Las Vegas to open before 2020.

Sources say that there will be two lounges in development that will be around 8000 square feet. One lounge will have 12 separate rooms with private areas for virtual reality, a recording studio, boardroom, yoga studio, and massage parlor.

Los Angeles city officials are forming recommendations for cannabis lounge locations. Cannabis consumption lounges will surface around November 2019 if the business license for aforesaid lounges is approved.

The Difficult Road Ahead
Despite the plans to open these cannabis lounges, the aforesaid cities are having some legislative difficulties.

Legislation requires that all cannabis lounges must be exhausted outdoors by a filtration system, in order to eliminate smoke and odor. The smoking rooms in the cannabis lounge must be self-closing and a thick door seal to make sure no smoke seeps through the door. Also, all lounges must have windows that are completely black and cannot be within 1,000 feet of any casinos or gaming facilities.

The laws in these cities are very strict when it comes to smoking in public places to protect the public against secondhand smoke or violate anti-smoking laws. City officials must fund the filtration system, which can be a financial burden. Essentially, the city officials in San Diego, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles have thorough blueprints for the opening of cannabis lounges but they are making sure public health and safety policies are strictly in place.

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