Barbados Plans Medical Marijuana Program

Bluntness Team

In her annual budget proposal speech, Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley of the island of Barbados announced plans for the county to enter into the medical marijuana industry. Marijuana or as it is also known cannabis has long had a bad rap although it is a plant grown in nature which has real medicinal purposes. It has been proven to help give relief to cancer patients, help relieve nausea, relieving chronic pain and help anxiety. As for the Prime minister's plan that is included in the budget proposal for 2019-2020 is that a unit will be created that will not only go about implementing the medical cannabis program but also providing a comprehensive educational program that will provide information about how this naturally grown plant will help with numerous health conditions.

As for the specialized unit whose job it will be to implement the program Prime Minister Motley gave a brief outline of some of their duties. Besides educating citizens, the unit would also go about organizing both the authority and board that will oversee the entire operation of the medical cannabis industry and assure that it is properly handled along with regulated along with properly implementing governing procedures.

Another plan that she has in mind is to create partnerships with those who have experience in the medical cannabis industry. She went on further to say that it was her hope that Cannabis companies based in Canada will want to jump on the bandwagon to become investors.

With Barbados entering into the medical cannabis arena many arena now wondering if they will one day go into the recreational cannabis market. The Prime minister wouldn't give any indication that the island would be going in that direction, but the fact that is is now looking into the medical side is encouraging that this could eventually happen. If the precedence that has been set forth by other countries and even parts of the United States is any indicator there is always a possibility of legalizing the once controversial plant for even recreational use could be in the foreseeable future to the Bahamas as well. But for now, they just want to begin work on implementing the medical Cannabis program first and see how that goes.

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