California Moves to Normalize Medical Marijuana in Schools

Bluntness Team

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Who would have thought we'd see the day when Medical Marijuana would be allowed on school campuses, let alone a K-12 school? It could be happening. The legalization of cannabis is sweeping the nation one state at a time. From allowing farmers to harvest hemp to letting you grow your own cannabis plants in your backyard, each year cannabis is becoming more and more legal.

Last week the California Assembly approved the SB 223 bill that allows parents to administer their child's medical marijuana while on campus grounds. Many children in K-12 use medical marijuana to treat a variety of ailments - the most popular being the treatment of seizures. The Associated Press wrote about this groundbreaking news and talked about how if the bill gets passed on the Senate floor California (D) Gov. Gavin Newsom will vote on the bill which was previously vetoed by (D) Gov. Jerry Brown.

Approving this bill means that students who need to have medical marijuana administered during school hours will now miss less class and be able to focus more on their studies and less on their ailments. It is being left up to school boards to decide if parents will be the ones administering doses or school nurses. Current laws allow for medications including opioids to be administered on the school grounds. In an article by Ganjapreneur, they point out that per law, parents previously could not administer their child's medical marijuana within 1,000 feet of their school. This clearly poses a problem for not only the parent and child but the teacher who has a student potentially missing a part of their class due to the need to leave campus grounds to receive their life-saving medication.

How does it seem fair that an opioid is allowed to be administered on school grounds but not a life-saving drug such as medical marijuana? Stigma! The stigma surrounding marijuana is one of the top reasons followed by many parents' concerns that allowing medical marijuana on school grounds will expose minors to cannabis. Of course, there will be those who are for the bill and those who think it is too dangerous to have marijuana so close to minors. California is certainly setting an example for other states to start to discuss why a life-saving drug like medical marijuana should be allowed to be administered to children in K-12 and allow them to keep their focus on their studies.