Cannabis Questions Dominate Primary Season

Tameka Kee

When you combine primary season with the continuing movement to legalize cannabis on a state level, it means that politicians are being asked to come clean about their past usage and their opinions on legalization and decriminalization.

Most recently, during the Maryland Governors race debate, a moderator asked each candidate about the legalization of cannabis. As the Baltimore Sun put it:

> All six Democratic candidates for Maryland governor said during a debate Thursday that they support legalizing recreational use of marijuana.

Two of the candidates had admitted to previously consuming cannabis, but only one said he had done so with comedic legend Dave Chappelle.

In Florida, the Democratic candidates were "tripping over themselves" to appear the most supportive of cannabis legalization, according to The Fresh Toast.

> Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidates have been fighting all weekend long over who supports marijuana legalization the most.

> Welcome to the new politics of cannabis, everyone.

> — Tom Angell 🌳📰 (@tomangell) June 10, 2018

> There are times when doing the right thing may not be easy but it’s morally clear. We’ve come to one of those moments. If elected Gov, I will carefully move to legalize the sale of rec. marijuana for adults. Through responsible reform, Florida can generate $600M annually.

> — Mayor Philip Levine (@MayorLevine) June 8, 2018

Previously, we wrote about the shifting of interest in recreational cannabis legalization in New York. More states are bringing the debate front and center as well. While immediate plans to legalize are up to the states, cannabis proponents also want to get congressmen on the record as well, given the possibilities that the federal government could intervene positively or negatively.

Even in states with legalization on the books, cannabis is an important topic due to the tertiary issues (like banking). Californian cannabis users were likely to support the candidates that discussed how crucial solving banking shortcomings were to the safe and prosperous cannabis industry in California.

To keep up-to-date on where each candidate in your state's primary stands, make sure you keep up with local news and check out the Marijuana Policy Project.