CannaBiz Advocate Calls For Restrictions on Illegal Cannabis

Bluntness Team

Executive Director of the United Cannabis Business Association in Los Angeles, Ruben Honig, is calling for restrictions on the underground cannabis market and unlicensed cannabis retailers in particular.

In an op-ed published in CalMatters Thursday, Honig cited California’s extensive lemon laws in just about everything but cannabis.

“Now the California Legislature should get serious about protecting cannabis consumers from potentially serious public safety and public health risks of the underground cannabis market,” Honig said.

Though CA Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed a bill to give enforcement agencies power to impose fines on illegal cannabis activity, Honig said more must be done. Assembly Bill 97, currently pending in the Senate Appropriations Committee (read the whole bill here) should be approved, according Honig.

“AB 1417 seeks to restrict advertising and marketing by unlicensed cannabis retailers. And it would establish civil penalties for entities that violate the law,” Honig wrote. “AB 1417 addresses a critical need in the legalized cannabis marketplace: ensuring consumers have safe and legal products.”

Despite legalization Honig said it’s estimated 80% of cannabis in the state comes from the illegal market.

Read Honig’s full piece on and learn more about the United Cannabis Business association here.