Cannabusiness Advice: Anne Van Leynseele

Tameka Kee

"Make informed decisions.

I see people taking life altering chances on business partners, investors, loans, and key employees that can kill a small business before it has an opportunity to succeed.

I helped 120 small business through the first two years of legal operation ... [and] I see that one third are just not able to grasp the concept of following the rules, the middle third gets some of the lessons, but still operate in a reactive manners.

My prize clients learn the harsh lessons and have developed into astute business owners. They ask good questions, seek my strategic counsel, and after gathering a good understanding, choose the best solution for them and their company. Of course, the other part of the success equation is hard work and sacrifice."

Anne van Leynseele is the founding and managing partner of 7 Point Law.

With more than thirty successful years in business, a Juris Doctorate, and an International Executive MBA, Anne is the consummate corporate cannabis lawyer.

This very sound business advice comes from a Ganjapreneur interview.

Photo credit: Lawdragon