How to Educate the Community About the Marijuana Stigma

Bluntness Team

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The use of cannabis has become more and more popular over the past five years. Several states now have made the use of cannabis legal. For so many years the use of cannabis has been viewed by the public as something only criminals or music industry professional use. This label has been very hard to get rid of and now the goal is to get rid of it through decriminalization. Why does the general public view cannabis use as so bad?

Well, one reason could be that the Drug Enforcement Agency has the drug in the same category as heroin and LSD. If you know anything about either of these drugs then you know that cannabis is in no way as harsh or potent as heroin and LSD but having in cannabis in the same category as them has made it hard for the public to view it any other way than bad. In order to do this the general public needs to know more about cannabis such as reasons why people use it, what affects it has on people and the benefits you can see from using cannabis.

Why do people use Cannabis?
There could be several different reasons why people actually use cannabis but the two most common reasons are medical and recreational use. Some of the main medical conditions cannabis is used for are Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Pain and Anorexia. These are very serious medical conditions that can lead to death and the use of cannabis helps the people that suffer from these conditions tremendously. It is very hard for patients with these diseases to cope and just make it through the day and the use of cannabis provides them significant relief. Other people that use cannabis will use it for recreational use.

If you look at it this way, it’s the same thing as if someone was to walk into a bar and order an alcoholic beverage. They are doing it because it’s fun and it’s something that they enjoy to do. Alcohol started out the same way because during the Prohibition days alcohol was illegal to consume or possess and over time it eventually became legal. Cannabis is on the same journey because it was once illegal in the United States and now eleven states have legalized marijuana. Using cannabis doesn’t necessarily mean that it is being smoked because people can use it by way of oil, patches, capsule and edible forms.

What are the side effects?
Just like any other stimulant it will have different effects on different people but for the most part it will ease any pain, calm people down and generally make them be in a better, easier going mood. You will notice that people who use cannabis are in no way aggressive or angry and in fact it does the opposite to people by calming them down and making them more relaxed. With the help of decriminalization of the use of cannabis the general public will stop viewing it as such as bad or negative thing.