Medical Patients Concerned About Cannabis Shortage in Newly Legal Illinois

Bluntness Team

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Illinois went legal on Jan. 1, but it wasn't without complications and it might have more significant impacts than holding cannabis users back from their buzz.

A Chicago Sun Times article published two weeks into legalization indicated the demand for cannabis was so high at recreational centers in the state, people were waiting in long lines for product and cannabis was so high in demand, that dispensaries were running out.

Now, WREX news out of Illinois is reporting medical patients are concerned they might not be able to access cannabis that is key to their medication regimes.

In a statement to the news outlet, Sunnyside Dispensary out of Rockford told the station: "'Sunnyside dispensaries continue to make medical patients our top priority and will be open for them only for Wednesday and Thursday of this week, reserving our supply to make sure they can always get their medicine.'"

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