Ohio OK's Edibles, Flower in Florida and No Rec in Minnesota

Tameka Kee

This week kicks off with a mixed bag of bills:

Ohio OK's first processing plant - (Yay)

Medical marijuana patients in Ohio will soon have the option to buy treatments like edibles, tinctures and pain patches, now that the State’s first marijuana-based processing facility has gotten the green light.

The plant will begin making a variety of cannabis-based products -- and should have a ton of demand, since there are currently over 19,000 Ohioans registered as medical marijuana patients. (A total of 38 facilities have applied for permission to process cannabis in Ohio; this is the first that’s been approved).



Florida sees the power in flower - (We’ll See)

A new bill proposed in Florida could make smokeable flower a (legal) thing for the state’s medical marijuana patients.

Florida SB 182 would regulate everything from how and when a doctor could prescribe smoking marijuana as a treatment, to whether patients could smoke in an indoor workplace (nope), and whether blunts count as medicinal (nope).

- Forbes


Minnesota says “No Rec for you” - (Nay)

A bill that would’ve legalized marijuana for recreational use was shot down by the Minnesota Senate -- meaning adult use is likely not happening for Minnesotans this year.

Worse news for rec users (and perhaps the state’s entire cannabis economy) is that the Senate even vetoed development of a task force aimed at understanding the potential help (or harm) of legalization.

- Twin Cities Pioneer Press