Pro-Pot Presidential Candidate: Ex-Mass. Gov. William Weld Launches 2020 Bid


Ex-Massachusetts Gov. William Weld announced last week that he would run in the Republican primary against President Trump in 2020.  The connection to cannabis?  He is on the Board of Directors of Acreage Holdings (along with John Boehner.)  It's universally agreed that Weld is a long shot to beat President Trump for the Republican nomination, but he’d certainly make things interesting.

Weld, who was the Libertarian Party vice presidential candidate in 2016, launched a presidential exploratory committee to challenge President Trump in the Republican primary. He has been a harsh critic of President Trump, saying last week at a New Hampshire political event that Trump is “simply too unstable to carry out the duties of the highest executive office — which include the specific duty to take care that the laws be faithfully executed — in a competent and professional matter.”

Not that a pro-cannabis, pro-choice, moderate Massachusetts Republican has a chance of winning the Republican nomination.  But we can expect at least that Governor Weld’s presence will likely make cannabis a big part of the Presidential primary conversation across both major parties.

Let the games begin!