This week in cannabis news: Canada's recreational legalization; democrats' push for 2019 U.S. federal legalization; and Canadian police issuing cannabis traffic ticket less than one hour after legalization.

Canada’s Provinces Transition From Medical-Only to Adult-Use Cannabis Sales

It's official: on October 17th, recreational marijuana use was legalized in Canada. Sales are now federally allowed both online and in brick-and-mortar locations for adult consumption.

Could Cannabis Be Federally Legal in 2019?

Oregon representative Earl Blumenauer (D) sent a letter to House Democratic leadership with a plan indicating the goal of federally legalizing cannabis by the end of 2019. In this letter he states that now is time for U.S. federal legalization and "Democrats will lead the way."

One Hour Into Legalization, Canadian Cops Write First Weed-Related Traffic Ticket

Less than one hour into the day cannabis was legalized in Canada for recreational use, Canadian police issued the first weed-related traffic ticket when they came across someone smoking in their car. Just like alcohol consumption in a car is illegal, so is cannabis consumption.