This week in cannabis news: data reveals US citizens frequently stopped at US-Mexico border for cannabis possession; despite Canadian legalization next week, cannabis retailers will initially be sparse; college student on-campus use of marijuana may be jeopardizing federal funding; and Walmart Canada leadership considering stocking shelves with cannabis products.

Data Reveals US Citizens Frequently Stopped At Border For Cannabis

Cannabis trafficking into the U.S. from Mexico is at lowest point in more than a decade, however data shows that US citizens are frequently stopped at border for cannabis possession.

Canada Goes Legal in a Week but Where Can Canadians Buy Weed?

Recreational use and sale of cannabis will be legalized in Canada on October 17th, but supply will be short. Ontario, the country's most populated province, will have no legal marijuana retail stores ready next week; British Columbia will have just one.

Are Students Who Use Cannabis Putting College Funding at Risk?

Despite recreational legalization in various states such as Massachusetts, marijuana is still illegal on a federal level. Some universities in legal states are cracking down on on-campus usage out of fear of losing federal funding.

Walmart Joins List of Mega-Chains Considering New Marijuana Products

A Walmart Canada representative has dropped the news that the company is researching the possibility of stocking cannabinoid-based products on its shelves, however no plans are set at this time.