In cannabis news this week: medical cannabis use for specific patients now legal in the UK; the first FDA-approved cannabis-based pharmaceutical drug is available by prescription in the US; Mexico relaxing marijuana laws following trip to Canada; some countries in Asia warning their citizens not to consume cannabis when traveling to Canada.

UK’s Legalization of Medical Cannabis Sparks Talk of Possible Recreational Laws

The United Kingdom has announced a relaxation of laws around cannabis, allowing its doctors to prescribe cannabis-based products for certain patients. No conditions have been specified; doctors will evaluate on a case-by-case basis.

FDA-Approved Cannabis-Based Drug is Officially Available by Prescription

The first FDA-cleared cannabis-based drug is now available for sale by prescription in all fifty states. The medication, Epidiolex, was designed to combat seizures as a result of two different types of epilepsy, Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, and is available for patients 2 and up

Mexican Supreme Court Strikes Down Marijuana Prohibition

Mexico's Supreme Court has ruled that the prohibition of marijuana consumption in the country is unconstitutional. The ruling applies to personal possession and private use, as well as cultivation in the home.

China, South Korea & Japan Warn Citizens Not to Consume Canadian Cannabis

Following Canada's legalization of recreational cannabis, some countries, particularly in Asia, are warning their citizens not to consume as they travel abroad. Japan and South Korea have threatened to arrest or fine their citizens, and Singapore has warned of "enforcement checks" upon entry back into the country.