This week's news roundup: marijuana arrests up in 2017, Massachusetts slow to begin legal cannabis sales, California governor vetoes "Compassionate Cannabis" bill.

Cannabis Legalization: Marijuana Arrests Increased in 2017 Despite Legalization

On average, there is now one marijuana-related arrest every 48 seconds, despite four additional state legalizations on Election Day in 2016, according to a new FBI report.

Legal Cannabis Sales Coming to MA, But Delays Are Costing the State

Despite legalizing cannabis in the 2016 elections, legal retail sales have not yet begun in Massachusetts–and it's costing the state tax revenue that the 2019 budget was based on.

Governor of California Vetoes “Compassionate Access” Medical Marijuana Bill

California state governor Jerry Brown vetoed the "Compassionate Access" medical marijuana bill, which would allow dispensaries to give away cannabis for free to medical patients in need.