YOUR BLUNT TAKE: What's Ahead For Cannabis in 2020?

Aubry Bracco

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2019 was an epic year for cannabis, and with so much happening on the legislative, health and wellness and innovation front, it's only slated to get bigger.

For 2020 predictions from industry experts, check out our video from MJBizCon, here.

theBluntness also asked readers to tell us their predictions for cannabis in 2020, and you chimed in. Here's what our social media followers had to say in response to the question: What's Ahead For Cannabis in 2020?

The Joint Talk Podcast: @Joint.Talk: 

I predict this year will be the year of Cannabis legalization. I truly believe that this might be the year it actually happens.

Box Brown @boxbrown

I hope we get more rosin in PA.

Karen Peña @iamkarenpena

Many of the biggest public cannabis product companies will not hit their projected numbers and will be bought out or shrink significantly. This will leave room for the smaller ones who've made product quality a priority to take a larger share of the market.

Amanda Jane @byamandajane

More movement in Australia. 🤞🏼

Chef Sebastian Carosi @chefcarosi

Hopefully less sugar based products and more healthy choices.