3 Best Cannabis Companies Celebrating Pride Month


June is PRIDE month, and some cannabis brands are joining the celebration.

In honor of everything LBGTQ, a number of brands have released limited edition rainbow-themed products, available at various dispensaries and delivery services. We took a look to find some of the hottest PRIDE products on the market this year.

Kiva Camino - Camino Gummies in “Tropical Punch”

Kiva Camino are a popular go-to for those looking to enjoy strain-specific artisanal cannabis gummies.

What we love about their take on PRIDE: Kiva Camino is a go-to for unique flavors with specified vibes like Sparkling Pear (CBD/THC) for a “social” effect and Pineapple Habanero (Sativa) for an “uplifting” one. For PRIDE, the brand has rolled out a Tropical Punch flavor — the mood this product elicits? “fierce."

PLUS Products - Gummies in “Rainbow Sorbet”

PLUS Products is a leader in the cannabis gummies and mints space with an always-creative flavor palette.

What we love about their take on PRIDE: PLUS is known for innovative flavors (like its Indica Blackberry & Lemon gummies) and flavors that often have a seasonal spin (Holiday Bliss in Cranberry & Shortbread was a sell-out this past holiday season). For June, PLUS has taken its customers' tastebuds to a new level of flavor innovation with limited edition product PRIDE Rainbow Sorbet in a Sativa blend. Beyond flavor and effect, this product actually goes toward social good too. The brand has stated that “for every tin sold, PLUS will donate $1 to the San Francisco LGBT Center.”

Mr. Moxey’s - Mints in “Proud Peppermint”

These self-proclaimed "Delectable & discreet” mints with CBD/THC have been flying off dispensary shelves.

What we love about their take on PRIDE: Mr. Moxey’s mints rank high for flavor, ease of dosage and are sold in a convenient, compact tin. The company has upped its game with its “Proud Peppermint” flavor sold in a unique rainbow packaging. Like PLUS, in addition to quality, the company is doing good with the product too. $1 of each tin sold goes to Washington, Oregon and San Francisco based LGBTQ equality and advocacy groups - that’s something to be proud of.

Photo via Instagram.