3 Cannabis Companies To Keep An Eye On

Bluntness Team

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We have our eyes on these companies making moves in the cannabis space.

Deuces 22

Together with his daughter, Tyla Milan, veteran NBA player John Salley heads up Deuces 22, "a premium cannabis brand dedicated to bringing you only the best products for your cannabis needs”

Why we love them: Deuces 22 is determined to make cannabis accessible to all with its educational community, “Deuces Academy.” In an industry with so much information, we appreciate anyone making an effort to make things clear, concise and easy to understand for the entry-level cannabis consumer.

Sagely Naturals

Founded by Kerrigan Behrens and Kaley Nichol, this Santa Monica, CA business has a mission to “get people back to doing what they love most.”

Why we love them: Sagely Naturals works hard to ensure customers know exactly what they’re getting with with triple lab tests in every batch. They also allow customers to customize their CBD regimes with a variety of application options (creams, a roll-on, capsules) depending on customers’ needs.

Kushed Candles

Kushed Candles comes from the imagination of single mom and veteran of the entertainment industry, Alison Joy who came to appreciate essential oil candles as a respite from the intensity of her career.

Why we love them: Kushed has gotten creative with their candles and started to integrate cannabis oils into their products with enticing scents like “LempDrop” and “CaliforniaDream” and “WhiteWhitch.”