3 Cannabis Creative Instagrammers To Follow Now


We have our eyes on these cannabis creatives with a unique take on 420 culture. Be sure to follow them to keep tabs on what they’re baking up next in the creative cannabis space.

1. Karli Adams: @karli_canna

Longmont, Colorado photographer Karli Adams focuses on cannabis, portraits and lifestyle shots.

Why we have our eye on her: Karli celebrates the many facets and faces of the cannabis plant. Her subjects are diverse and her focus on women in the industry forward-thinking. She also tackles the topic of marijuana and spirituality in her work. Check out what she’s up to, here.

2. Erin Willis: @mother_indica

Oakland, CA based cannabis educator, nutritionist and “medicine seeker” Erin Willis shares her experience with cannabis on her Instagram account and blog of the same name.

Why we have our eye on her: Erin tackles everything from educating people on the biology of the plant — from plant botany to terpenes — and even shares her personal experiences around motherhood and marijuana use. Get to know Erin here.

3. Kristen: @cannabananaa

Cannabis mover and shaker Kristen shares her personal experience with the plan on her Instagram account and her website flowerplay.co.

Why we have our eye on her: Kristen’s still lifes of fruit and flower give unique perspective on the natural beauty of the plant, and her personal posts aim to normalize marijuana use. Catch this down-to-earth creative on her account, here.

Photo via Instagram.