3 Cannabis Influencers To Follow Now


1. Sloan Reed: @sloanreed

This Utah-based cannabis enthusiast is part of @grow.sisters, which showcases “niche culture, farm fashions and cultivation education expressed through mixed media.”

Why we have our eye on her: Sloan is passionate about education, sustainable farm practices and female empowerment in the industry. In addition to her cannabis interests, she lives a fulfilling outdoor lifestyle which cements her as a leader in normalizing stoner culture.

2. The Baked And Beautiful @thebakedandbeautiful

Based in California, The Baked and Beautiful is candid about her marijuna-filled lifestyle, which she shares with her followers.

Why we have our eye on her: With her mantra “#everybodyloveeverybody,” The Baked and Beautiful gives IGers a true behind-the-scenes look at someone who enjoys and thrives using cannabis in her daily life. We also dig her inclusive vibe — many of her posts encourage followers to share their own exeperiences.

3. Lola Langusta: @lolalangusta

A DJ, producer and creative director, Lola shares her high-vibe, high-fashion lifestyle in classy and elegant posts.

Why we have our eye on her: In addition to her personal life, Lola is founder of @stonedfoxmedia. Lola’s take on cannabis is fresh, fierce and elevates cannabis lifestyle is a way we haven’t seen before.

Photo via Instagram.