3 Influencers Bringing Passion To The Cannabis Industry


We have our eyes on these influencers bringing passion to the cannabis industry. Be sure to check them out for some inspiration.


@cannabisbycorey showcases “boutique cannabis cultivated organically” by a California-based breeder.

Why we love him: @cannabiscorey sells his seeds on Neptune Seed Bank, and it’s clear he’s proud of his products. Corey’s IG features all different strains in various stages of growth. We particularly love his dedication to showcasing the process of growing cannabis. Plus, the high resolution photos of Corey’s product are beautiful.


Based in Arizona, @damarijuanamomma is a market lead program director at @womengrow.

Why we love her: The Marijuana Momma is candid about her journey through the cannabis industry which she shares on her instagram and at pop-up networking events nationwide. Her positive and attitude about her own journey is infectious. Even more, we appreciate her dedication to recognizing and empowering other women in the space.


Dedicated to the “power of plants,” @bowerycannabisclub is one of New York’s first organizations to connect cannabis members in the state.

Why we love them: From education on CBD, self-care, community news and politics, the Bowery Cannabis Club is dedicated to connecting people on the power of plants. The organization holds local events, and it's clear that keeping members informed and connected is paramount in a state with tricky legalization politics.

Photo via Instagram.