3 Mainstream Cannabis Influencers To Follow Now


We have our eyes on these cannabis Instagrammers who are not shy about sharing cannabis education and advocacy. Be sure to follow them to keep tabs on what they’re baking up next in the creative cannabis space.

1. Sarah Hanlon: @flatshanlon

Based in Hamilton, Ontario Sarah Hanlon has transformed her notoriety from a win on "Big Brother: Canada" into a career in writing, hosting and cannabis advocacy.

Why we have our eye on her: Sarah isn't shy about sharing her love of cannabis and its presence in her day-to-day life. From educating people about cannabis legislation in her country, to creating positive communities and educating cannabis newbies, Sarah makes a point to be positive and inclusive. Plus, she's got a quality taste in all things pop culture. Learn more about Sarah, here.

2. Whit: @sunny.daze

This Colorado-based cannabis patient and CBD advocate specializes in marketing, branding and creating content.

Why we have our eye on her: Whit shares her lifestyle candidly -- from her creativity to personal life and time with friends, she focuses on empowerment, positivity and shared experience. Keep up with Whit, here.

3. Siobhan Danger Darwish: @siobhan.danger.darwish

Based in the Emerald Triangle in northern California, Siobhan is an artist and second-generation farmer.

Why we have our eye on her: Siobhan shares her agriculture-driven life showcasing everything from her animals to plants and farming as part of @blessed.coast.farms and @grow.sisters. For Siobhan, cannabis use is all in a days work, and she's open about sharing her lifestyle. Follow her here.

Photo via Instagram.