3 Weedy Instagrammers to Follow Right Now

Bluntness Team

Add these weedy folks on Instagram right now. Seriously, now. They've got some of the best cannabis content in the biz.

Based in California and Canada, FueledbyTHC knows weed. Follow for inspirational weed pics that will make you want too....smoke again. With 3.2 million followers, there's a reason they are dominating the cannabis Instagram game -- they are great! Add now.

Bubble Man
Bubble man provides users with just about anything they can imagine, from pipes to marijuana and a lot of amazing posts. Bubble Man is very popular, for obvious reasons, and he's currently got over 20 strong years of experience in the cannabis department. 20 years! And some amazing glassware for all weed lovers.

Karl Kronic
Karl Kronic is pretty big on Instagram, and currently has 251,000 followers, along with having a huge passion for marijuana. Sounds great, right?! You can find all types of nugs, and all of the products are tip-top quality. And, these photos are phenomenal, promise!

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