4 Collectives Normalizing Cannabis


We’re loving these influencers teaming up with each other to promote community and cannabis education.

Check them out for some entrepreneurship, advocacy and inspiration.

That High Couple

Clark and Alice of “Hollyweed, CA” are “exploring and discussing [their] passion for cannabis on Instagram and on their Youtube channel.

Why we love them: From Coachella to home grow challenges on their YouTube and trips to the local dispensary, this couple is always on the move and always working hard to share their passion for the plant. Check them out on Instagram here or on YouTube, here.

Ladies of Paradise

The Ladies of Paradise are “a women positive creative agency + brick and mortar store in Portland, Oregon.” From event planning to educational meet-ups and fashionable cannabis swag, these women do it all.

Why we love them: The Ladies of Paradise are open, proud and share their cannabis love in their very own style. We’re also fans of their dedication to social equity with events tackling issues like “the racial biases we have come to know as the war on drugs.” For more on everything the Ladies of Paradise are doing visit them on Instagram here or on their website, here.

Tree Femme Collective

The Tree Femme Collective is a collective of creatives using multimedia to “destigmative, educate, end sexism, repair communities and shift cannabis culture.”

Why we love them: Tree Femme Collective does not shy away from their dedication to equality, politics and legislation, and they do it in their own unique way. From showing off their own style to sharing breaking news, they reach an entire population that might not otherwise get the hard facts about the state of cannabis legislation. Learn more about the Tree Femme Collective here.

Grow Sisters

The Grow Sisters tackle “cultivation education expressed through mixed media.”

Why we love them: Based in Humboldt County, CA this community of strong women shares their cannabis growing journey from the greenhouse to their interactions with the community in town at the local coffee shop. They show what it takes to foster a grow culture from the ground up. Follow them here.