4 Pot Brownie Brands Making Bank on Baked Goods

Bluntness Team

These four pot brownie brands put in a lot of love and care to weed's most iconic dessert. These companies are cashing in on being cool and tasty.

Our favorites:

Kaneh Co

S'mores Brownies: Step back and prepare to be blown away by these S'mores Brownies. When adding the twist of S'mores flavor these brownies are set apart from most other pot brownie products. The decadent treat still has the delicious chewy brownie but is laid on a buttery graham crumb bottom with a toasty marshmallow topping. Check out Kaneh Co for the S'mores Brownies and all of the delicious edibles they have to offer. Most of their baked goods come in packages so the although the brownies are smaller there are more to enjoy throughout several days or even weeks depending on your level of use.

Love's Oven Bakery

Peanut Butter Brownies: cannabis brownies are such a popular edible baked good because they are so versatile in the flavor field. The peanut butter brownie option is sure to get your mouth salivating just thinking about it. The brownie, made by Love's Oven, is produced by combining creamy peanut butter with the perfect chocolate choice to make an explosion of flavors in your mouth. This brownie will keep you satisfied but also make you start planning the next time you can have another. Luckily, these sweet treats are sold in a package of 10 individual brownies so they will also get you through a good amount of time.

Sweet Grass

Brownie Bites: These sweet treat options are a little different but you still get the same results; delicious taste and a great high. These treats are fluffy and have a cake-like texture. The brownie bites have 10 mg of recreational cannabis in each brownie and they are available in a variety of options depending on what the customer would like. Plus, the company offers a stronger brownie bite if you are in need of a medical edible. The medical brownie bites contain 100 mg in each sweet treat.

Uncle Ike's

All The Brownies: Uncle Ike's is based out of Seattle, WA and is a must try for any edible lover out there. They made a variety of brownies including; salted caramel, red velvet cheesecake swirl, peanut butter, and ultimate fudge. Although these brownies are based out of Seattle the company does ship so there is never an issue to get these sweet bites to you. All but the red velvet cheesecake swirl option come in a 10 pack of 100mg. Every bite will be worth the money with these delicious brownie snacks.

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