5 Chic Gifts for the Stylish Stoner in Your Life

Bluntness Team

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For some people, cannabis is a once-in-a-while thing. For others, it's a lifestyle. 

So we rounded up some of our favorite cannabis-inspired gear - from comfy tees and yoga pants, to a sleek traveling case - to help you find a unique gift for your most dedicated and sartorial stoner.

1. 70s-Style Cali Lover’s Tee - $24

Even the most GQ or Elle-ready fashionista needs a comfy t-shirt. And this super-soft, 70s-style tee could easily become a go-to favorite for those lazy weekend afternoons and evenings at home.

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Emblazoned with a beautiful bud and an outline of The Golden State, it’s a good pick for a friend who loves California’s pioneering attitude to cannabis, in particular.

2. Blue Dream Floral Print Sports Bra and Yoga Pants - $39

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Bring your love for bud to the yoga mat with this marijuana-inspired workout set.

Featuring a repeating image of the Blue Dream bud (a crowd-favorite) and made with moisture-wicking material, the sports bra and performance yoga pant are great for low to medium intensity workouts.

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3. Botanical Briefs - $42

Got a cannabis lovin’ friend who doesn’t live in a state where it’s medically or recreationally legal? Or perhaps a homie who just prefers to keep their consumption (and appreciation) on the low? 

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You’ve got them covered with White Buffalo’s discreet, oh-so-comfy cannabis-printed briefs.

4. Crystals+Cannabis Bar String Bracelet - $39

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Perfect for your New Age-leaning friends, this bracelet shines a light on the practice of using cannabis and crystals together to access higher vibrations, deeper emotions and pathways to spiritual growth and change. 

It’s available in a variety of finishes (including our Publisher Tameka Kee’s favorite: 18K rose gold).

5. 2-Strain Apothecarry Travel Case - $179

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It’s a bit of a splurge, but if you’re in a position to go luxe with a gift for your stylish stoner friend, the 2 Strain Apothecarry Case is a nice choice. 

Each wooden case is handcrafted and stained, with compartments that help keep flower and herb products fresh, arranged and secured on the go. (The case also keeps cannabis’ pungent fragrance contained until they’re ready to spark up and enjoy).