9 Cannabis Influencers That You Should Follow Now on Social Media

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Top 9 Cannabis Influencers 2019

Ahh to be an influencer means to be cool on the internet and make money doing it. Seems simple enough, right? (Yeah, right.) We scouted the top cannabis influencers dominating social media with their weed smarts and desire to make cannabis less taboo.

Sanjay Gupta

One big influencer for this field is Dr. Gupta, who has 2.3 million Twitter followers. On Instagram, he has 27.7k followers. He's a neurosurgeon who works for CNN, Originally, he was against using MJ, but has since changed his mind saying that CBD is an effective medicine.

Michelle Ross

Michelle has about 26.7k followers and writes continually about the benefits of CBD for her social media pages, including about how it can help with addiction. She's a neuroscientist and the author of Vitamin Weed.

Phil Depault

Phil was an athlete for biking for over 10 years, but eventually he ended up with fibromyalgia, likely because of how hard he was pushing his body. When he was forced to quit being an athlete he created a cannabis business called Maitiri that helps active and curious weedy folks.

Deepak Anand

Anand has about 11.2k followers on Twitter. He's a board member of CFamCan, and an enthusiast and participant in the industry. He’s refreshing and constantly writing about the industry and what's going on in weed.

Jessica Catalano

Jessica has the unique honor of being one of the places people go for combining the plant with food. She's a chef in the U.S. and easily one of the more famous for it. She's also known for producing strain specific foods and writing "The Ganja Kitchen Revolution." She has 15k followers on Instagram, for very good reason.

Tommy Chong

Tommy Chong is of course famous for being part of the Cheech and Chong duo who famously popularized MJ products for many years before anyone else is doing it. He worked as a writer, actor and comedian, and is now an activist. He has 478k followers on Twitter and 2.5 million on Instagram. And he’s a real delight on the internet.

Charlo Greene

The incident that made Charlo famous started on a news program in Alaska where she swore and quit on the air. After that, she has become an activist for MJ and joined places like "The Weed Show." She’s great on Instagram...trust us.

Stupid Dope

Stupid Dope covers all things cannabis. And with a great point of view. They cover global weed topics and more. Their Twitter page has just south of 100k followers.

Jeremy Szafrom

Jeremy is famous for his Green Scene podcast which speaks constantly about MJ topics. He writes about Californian regulations that stagnate the MJ industry there, for example. He’s a delight on Twitter, and on Instagram.

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