Cannabusiness Advice: Luke Wilson

Tameka Kee

[Overall], the cannabis industry is by far the most exciting industry I’ve ever worked in. It may be chock full of snake oil, but I’ve never seen so many people actually passionate about what they’re doing. That alone is enough reason to enter any industry on some level.

That said, I’m typically dealing with investors, C suite execs, as well as the various leadership positions within an organization. The industry isn’t just for “cannabis” folks, it’s for mainstream adults seeking mainstream employment within a highly competitive and highly regulated market.

Luke Wilson is Founder of AlaCan, a cannabis consulting firm focused on giving cannapreneurs in the Southeastern U.S. the business and management support they need to thrive. He served as director of field operations at Canna Advisors before launching AlaCan.

This very sound business advice comes from a Ganjapreneur interview.

Photo credit: Ganjapreneur