CMO Hannah Davis Brings Craft Beer Experience to Cannabis World

Bluntness Team

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Meet Hannah Davis, chief marketing officer at Mammoth Distribution, a cannabis distribution company based in California. Mammoth Distribution specializes in cannabis concentrates and vape products that are recognized for safety, quality, and potency, including the popular vape brand Heavy Hitters. Mammoth focuses on consumer trends to determine its lineup and while maintaining the lowest return rate in the industry.

We caught up with Hannah to learn about her unique path into the industry and how she's keeping Mammoth on the cutting edge.

1. How did you get into cannabis and how has your career path led you here/helped you get to where you are now?

I worked in the craft beer industry for 10 years, where I helped build various brands, including Blue Moon, both in the US and in Europe. I consulted on a marketing research project for a cannabis company, back before adult-use legalization in California, and I realized a lot of similarities between the way cannabis consumers and craft beer drinkers were making decisions on the products they were purchasing. This opened my eyes to a new way of thinking about cannabis as an industry in the legal market. I've brought some things from my time in the craft beer industry, like educational marketing and occasion-based targeting, but am learning new things about the cannabis consumer every day!

2. Can you tell us a bit about Mammoth, the brands you manage and your mission?

Mammoth Distribution is, at its core, a cannabis distribution company that is focused on exceptional sales and service with the best brands in California. We focus on providing a one-stop-shop for our retail partners to purchase brands that appeal to various different consumer groups - from the canna-sseur to the introductory cannabis user. We also pride ourselves on marketing and sales partnerships that help our retail partners grow their customer base and build awareness for our brands in the stores. We manage the marketing for all the brands we carry, including Heavy Hitters, Farm, Rad, and Surplus.

3. What's it like to be a CMO of a cannabis company?

Being the CMO of a cannabis company is, firstly, a lot of fun! The leaders of the cannabis companies of today are creating the basis of an industry that will continue to grow and mature for years to come. Being in at the "ground floor", so to speak, is a challenging experience that also comes with great responsibility to create an inclusive, welcoming industry that encourages unique ways of thinking and experimental marketing tactics. With the challenge of not being able to advertise in most of the "normal" ways that many other industries use, we have had to be creative to build out platforms that break through the clutter with a lot of organic and earned media. It's not the biggest budgets that win in this industry, it's the brands with great stories who create amazing experiences for their consumers. Everything from organic social media growth to events and in-store marketing has to be done in a thoughtful way that brings both a functional and emotional connection to our consumers.

4. What are you most excited about at Mammoth in the months and years to come?

Our team is only getting stronger, and since I've been here, we've had a real "gel-ing" of the various departments working together. From operations and delivery, to sales and marketing, working closely together makes goals easier to achieve. We will continue to line-extend on one of the most loved brands in CA, Heavy Hitters, and bring new products that our fans have been asking for. I'm also excited about our Live Resin brand called Farm, which is bringing true-to-flower taste to consumers through fresh frozen whole flower extract - Plant to Pen.

5. Do you have any advice for cannapreneurs, specifically female cannapreneurs?

Stick with it! The cannabis industry is hard. You'll get thrown curveballs, one after another. From compliance to changing laws, to consumer sentiment shifts and sales challenges. But, the companies who are succeeding are always the ones where the founding team knows how to keep pushing forward and never letting up. The cannabis industry is not for the faint of heart. Get ready for challenges you don't foresee and learn from others! Find a mentor in the industry, or team up with other cannabis entrepreneurs for a monthly coffee or brunch to share insights and get advice. And, lastly, get to know your customers! They can help guide your next steps when growing your business or marketing your products. 

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