From Candy to Cannabis: Jelly Belly Creator Infuses Jelly Beans with CBD


USA Today reports that David Klein, the creator of Jelly Belly is now infusing the jelly bean with CBD, just in time for 4/20.

Spectrum Confections, Klein's company, produces CBD-infused jelly beans in 38 different flavors including cinnamon, spicy licorice, mango, toasted marshmallow, piña colada, and strawberry cheesecake, which are available in regular, sugar-free, and sour packs. According to the website, each jelly bean has 10 mg of CBD and is dusted with sugar or dextrose to mask the CBD flavor.

Demand for the jelly beans has already overwhelmed Klein’s company, so all ordering is now being conducted by email and phone. Not too bad for a comeback.