Meet Micah Tatum President of Infinity Broadcast Network


Meet Micah Tatum, President of Infinity Broadcast network, which produces Cannabis Broadcast Station (CBS). The station's variety of shows are available on Roku, YouTube and in over 130 dispensaries nationwide.

Based in the Los Angeles area, Micah is a graduate of Chapman University's George L. Argyros School of Business and Economics. He has extensive background in online marketing and advertising, social media, film, event management, strategic partnerships and production.

Beyond his professional experience, Micah's involvement in the cannabis industry also hits close to home. We caught up with the cannapreneur to learn more about Cannabis Broadcast Station, what inspires him and where he sees the industry heading.

1. Why did you get involved in the cannabis industry? What motivates you?

There were only a couple of reasons why initially I got into the cannabis industry. Then, after getting involved, those reasons grew.

My wife has had lupus for more than 25 years and up until the last three, she was dramatically running out of options to help with her conditions. As I began to research to help her, cannabis started to look like a huge option. I introduced her to a few CBD options, [a] handful of THC/CBD products, various delivery methods of those products and found a regiment that worked for her.

What we began to see was a small quality of life improvement — whether it was a week or just a couple of days, it was better than before, and that’s all that mattered.

Furthermore, there is such a bad stigma surrounding cannabis and you could say we had a great experience with it, so I feel there is a responsibility to share the benefits of what cannabis can do for others. If there are others suffering with lupus, it’s our opportunity to help improve their quality of life, even if it’s just by one day. The education, my wife, and the people all motivate me.

2. Can you tell us about Cannabis Broadcast Station? Where do you draw your inspiration? What is your mission?

Cannabis Broadcast Station is a platform to deliver high-quality information, education, news, and entertainment. We are unique in the industry because the blueprint we have laid [is one] not a lot of media outlets have chosen.

Most media delivered in this industry is textual, while ours is visual. We are striving to be the Golf/CNN channel of cannabis. We are broadcasted in more than 130 dispensaries across the U.S. and reach over 7 million impressions a month. Our Roku station is highly active daily, and our Youtube channel is consistently growing as with the rest of our social media.

Our inspiration is drawn for the need to deliver the news in this industry as often as the rules change and education for as much as it changes people's lives. In today’s society, everyone wants their news delivered quickly and under three minutes. No one wants to read what is going on — they want a summary to be in-the-know while still making money or cooking dinner.

As of right now, that’s what our main focus is. The Cannabis Newsroom is our show [dedicated] to accomplishing our mission of briefing the world on what is happening in this industry.

3. What advice do you have for pioneers in the cannabis space?

Be progressive, keep setting the bar in the industry and continue to break the stigma of cannabis, because it’s much more than what the past has told us.

4. Where do you see yourself and the industry in 5 years?

In five years, I see Cannabis Broadcast Station as a major network — a household name across the world. I would like the industry to have reached a point where medication is paid for by insurance companies, but I’m not sure if we will be at that point.

Cannabis Broadcast Station is available for download on Roku and can be followed on YouTube.

Photo credit: Leon Green/Elegee Photo

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Really good article! I appreciate lupus and cbd/thc being brought up in this discussion.