Quick Hit: 3 Cannabis Brands to Watch

Bluntness Team

Recreational marijuana is slowly becoming decriminalized in several states in the country and industrial hemp becoming a new trend for product creation. This has opened the door to a new supply of cannabis brands that are quickly emerging and making themselves available to the market. These brands are unveiling lines of cannabis-based products from edible good to vapes, from topical solutions to products designed to reduce pain.

Cannabis brands are expecting more legalization of marijuana at the recreational level over the next few years. Even cannabis experts in states like California are already making their predictions of what 2019 will bring for cannabis-based products. Here are some brands to watch out for as the year progresses. Note that the availability of these products depend on the state where it’s legal to purchase:

1. Binske
This brand is quickly becoming a household name in the cannabis market. That’s because it has a wide variety flowers, edibles, concentrates, and tinctures. Their products are made from artisanal ingredients that are sourced from all corners of the world. Their goal: to bring a mix of flavors and sensations to their consumers no matter how they use their products. (Available in California, Colorado, Florida, and Nevada)

2. Phantom Farms
Made and exclusively available in Oregon, Phantom Farms has a mission to grow some “mighty tasty cannabis”. No word yet on whether they want to expand the availability of their products to cannabis-friendly neighboring states like California or Washington.

3. MPX (Melting Point Extracts)
MPX is leading the way in creating cannabis-based cleaning products. They utilize both solvent-based and solvent-free extraction methods to provide a wide range of products in various forms and consistencies. (Available in Arizona, Maryland, and Nevada).

While the legalization of marijuana continues to sweep the nation, more brands will soon pop up and attempt to capture their part of the market share. Let's hope they'll take note of these already high-quality weed brands.

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