SAY WHAT? Weirdest Cannabis Stories of 2019

Bluntness Team

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1. Man Sticks Cannabis Up His Nose, Forgets About It For 18 Years

Yup, you heard that right. In perhaps our strangest cannabis story of the year, one man out of Sydney Australia managed to get a balloon filled with weed up his nostril. How? He stuck it up there when his girlfriend gave it to him during a prison visit, got it stuck in his nasal cavity and managed to swallow it. Read more on the fiasco on VICE. 

Strangest story we've heard this year in the weed department, no contest.

2. Iowa Mayor Nabbed For Growing Cannabis

Jamaica, Iowa Mayor LaDonna Kennedy and her husband, Randy, were arrested after cops seized 18 plants from their home. 

Though the mayor claimed the plants were for personal use and she wasn't planning to distribute, she was still charged with “delivering or possessing drugs with the intent to manufacture or deliver marijuana and failure to affix a drug tax stamp."

It seems they're growing more than corn in the Haweye State these days.

3. Happy Thanksgiving And Pass The Cannabis Gravy, Please

Some people want more than a side of tryptophan with their turkey. 

California-based Kiva confections made that dream become a reality with their THC-infused turkey gravy. If you ask us, that's one smart way to get the entire family to chill out around the table.