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Bluntness Team

We’re excited to announce The Weekly Dose of Bluntness -- Our new email helping you intelligently navigate the most important developments in cannabis legalization, including hemp news, products, policies and the people helping to mainstream it. 

In this rapidly evolving industry, The Weekly Dose is our way of synthesizing the most interesting, unique and noteworthy stories for you each week. 

Our goal for The Weekly Dose is to kick off a conversation with our growing community at, as well as our broader Wise Public Relations family. 

To that end, The Weekly Dose won’t replace Words from the Wise (our agency newsletter), it’s a complement. So if you were already subscribed to our agency updates, we invite you to officially sign up for The Weekly Dose of Bluntness today. 

 We’ll ask for your feedback at the bottom of every issue—and we welcome you to share it with friends, family, and colleagues who may find it valuable. Thank you for reading, and we hope you enjoy The Weekly Dose!

- Harrison Wise, Chairman & Founder, The Bluntness, Inc.

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