The 4 Pot Podcasts We're Listening to Right Now

Bluntness Team

In the world of social media, things move a mile a second. Not only is it hard to keep track of some of your favorite podcasts, but knowing where to find them can be another part of a larger issue. These 5 weedy podcasts encompass every aspect of cannabis production, safety, culture, and general conversation.

Here are some of our favorites:

The Grow Show

As one of my many personal favorites, you can find this podcast simply by googling The Grow Show. Kyle Kushman is the man behind this masterpiece, and regularly brings in guests for many topics covered.

From his work on the Big Book of Buds Greatest Hits to the California Prop 64 Debate, Kyle and The Grow Show have consistently proved to be one of the top Podcasts for the legalization debate nationwide.

Marijuana Today Podcast

Looking for a professional, global news perspective to inform you about what's happening in the world of greenery? Look no further than Marijuana Today. With their 244th episode published as of the writing of this, they are definitely "on the ball" in terms of consistency with their coverage. From their conversations about the UN discussions to Fox and Friends, they definitely take coverage to a new level.

The State Of Cannabis

This is one of many that push the envelope on reporting. Coverage is major in every way, and it gives the feel of a reporter/rouge journalist in their approach. This method combined with a great cast makes The State Of Cannabis a top five Podcast for sure.

The Adam Dunn Show

A true "underground legend" in the community, Adam Dunn has been advancing cannabis culture since the early 1990's with his edgy, raw style and in depth scoops on everything related to the topic of this plant. Founder of Hempworks, for those who want a 90's feel, you should most definitely check out The Adam Dunn Show.

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