The Top 7 Cannabis Edible Brands in California

Bluntness Team

California was one of the leaders when it came to legalizing marijuana. In doing so, they have been crucial in developing the cannabis movement in the state and nationwide. It comes as no surprise to know that the state is home to some of the best cannabis and cannabis edible brands in the world. In fact, many people come to California from all over the world because of how amazing some of these brands are. With that type of reputation, it's also no surprise to know how much the state has benefited from a social and economic standpoint.

Some of the best:

Baked Bros
Dedicating their brand to a mix of impact, excellence & consistency, Baked Bros has easily made a name for themselves all across the state. From gummies to syrup, there is no shortage of edible products to buy from them.

Kush Nuts
Focusing more on providing healthy and medicinal purpose in their edibles, Kush Nuts has earned some status as the go-to brand for healthy edible alternatives. Their product promises to keep you stimulated and functional at the same time.

Kaneh Co
Branding themselves as a family owned bakery serving all of California, Kaneh Co has established themselves as a trustworthy edible company. Focusing on quality and high-end taste in its products, Kaheh Co keeps customers coming back.

Kiva Confections
With a mission to blend and precision in the way they make their edibles, Kiva Confections has quickly gained followers in and out of the state. For anyone looking for a great product on the candy edibles area, Kiva is certainly the go-to brand.

Garden Society
Inspired by the freshness and purity of the state they're based in, the Garden Society edible brand promises safety and taste in their products. This brand is one of the best brands for new customers looking for an easy way into the edible space.

Whoopie & Maya
Even though they focus on selling to women in the edible cannabis community, Whoopie & Maya have a variety of products for those who feel classy and elegant. Also, the Whoopie in the name Whoopie & Maya does belong to the one and only Whoopie Goldberg.

Punch Edibles
Last but not least, Punch Edibles focuses all its attention on edible cannabis. With years in the game, Punch Edible has found ways to implement science and finesse in their products. From candies, extracts and other oils, Punch has an endless supply of edible Cannabis.

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