These Are the Most Popular Cannabis Rolling Paper Brands

Bluntness Team

4 Cannabis Rolling Paper Brands

Rolling a joint is a skill that takes many hours of practice in order to perfect the art. And, weed lovers everywhere still love a good, old fashioned, rolled joint. Check out these rolling paper brands that are classic, inventive, and still flying off the shelves.

Go ahead...roll your perfect joint.

Raw manufactures one of the most popular rolling papers on the market. These papers are recommended for beginners due to the slight flexibility making it easier to roll. Raw offers their customers a steal with how little they charge for the quantity and quality of these papers. And because they are such a popular product; you will be able to find papers easily. Raw has been around for over two decades are are known for their top quality products. They are a go-to classic.

Juicy Jay's
Juicy Jay's is a favorite. These papers come in a variety of flavors that are sure to step up your weed game. If individuals are having certain cravings these are the papers to try. With so many flavors; you are able to have different flavor experience every time. Although slightly more expensive than the Raw papers these Juicy Jay's are still worth the money. Plus, Juicy Jay's papers are very sturdy and easy to roll.

Elements offers a great option for cannabis lovers. These papers do require a little more skill as they are a thinner paper. However, with thinner paper means the benefit of less ash while smoking. Plus these papers are yet another huge steal coming in at a very affordable price for 300 papers. The quality is sure to keep customers coming back to Elements rolling papers.

OCB rolling papers come in as the final choice on this top four list but are still a great product worth the investment. OCB, a popular French rolling paper company, offers customers only the highest-quality papers. The company does offer a variety of papers but the top pick is the King Size. OCB uses natural ingredients, burns slowly, and typically fits well in rolling machines. These OCB papers are a top choice for almost any type of smoker.

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