Watch The Marijuana Super Bowl Ad That CBS Rejected


Societal views on marijuana have shifted so rapidly in recent years that you can mark it using football itself. Technically speaking, the upcoming Patriots-Rams showdown is the first Super Bowl where home-state fans of either team can go buy some pot at a recreational dispensary at halftime. And yet, CBS has declined to air an ad about medical marijuana’s therapeutic properties during Super Bowl LIII next month.

And, since getting a Super Bowl ad rejected is the next-best thing to actually airing one, the ad’s rejection is not a big setback for either the legalization movement or Acreage Holdings, the cannabis investment firm that’s now getting plenty of press for itself, without spending $5 million to inject its branding into the championship broadcast. Sounds like a score to us.

You can watch the full public service announcement here.

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Wow. Powerful video.