Wednesday Wisdom: Kimberly Dillon of Papa & Barkley


As CMO of Papa & Barkley, Kimberly Dillon knows what it takes to build a successful and respected cannabis brand in the ever-evolving landscape of cannabis legislation changes.

At “Navigating The Green Rush: Canna Advertising, Marketing and Branding,” a panel moderated by theBluntness last week, she shared some of her learnings on the importance of brand story, taking education into her own hands and maintaining the proper mindset to thrive in the industry.

Here’s some Wednesday Wisdom from Dillon for cannapreneurs trying make it in the business:

On knowing your brand story:

“Everyone at our company can tell the story…if they can’t, it’s over…It’s an open dialogue for everyone in our company...People just know what we stand for and we do not deviate from that. Our story was our story from the very beginning.”

On education at Papa & Barkley:

“[Within our company] education is incredibly important — from terpenes to boiling points…when we had to learn about dabbing, we all learned.”

And on educating herself on law and legal ramifications:

“If a lawyer tells me something I still don’t believe it…I’m pushing boundaries by existing.”

For example, Kim says the technicalities between CBD and hemp oil are more complex than many realize, and you’ve got to dig deeper to understand and protect yourself:

“Just because it’s CBD doesn’t mean you’re in the clear…you have to really pull back the layers…technically what’s legal is hemp, not CBD, and so you’ll get dinged by using the word CBD.”

And finally, on the mentality needed to succeed:

“Cannabis is not a get rich quick [business]…People who think they’ll be in, out and make money — those people are going to be disappointed...You have to problem solve, putting it all together piece by piece — building the castle brick by brick.

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I love P&B! It has helped greatly with my pain control.