Hello, first time on this blog or actually on any blog. Well hello fellow bloggers, I have started a growing operation in my attic and I have limited space there but it is pretty secure and it has plenty of airflow up there. So, so far I have limited my plants to three of them. I took out all the ones that were not doing as well and cided with these three. I just topped them last week and they are just growing right on thru like nothing happened. Cool, so what's next, pruning?

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No, I don't have any of those devices. I am feeding them nutrients from the Ace Hardware store. On line I can find out what nutrients to feed at what stage of the plant. My biggest worry is at the beginning when the plant is just in its first week or so they get all stretched out with real long stems but no branches or leaves. I see pictures of other plants at that age and they are only a few inches tall and already have several branches and leaves on them. I don't know how to get them like that. Now the plants that have grown are all very few branches and leaves. The beginning part to me is the hardest. You have any suggestions?



Its good that you topped the plants. Let them grow a little bit and them top them again.

What size light are you using?

What nutrients are you feeding them?

Do you have a PH test meter?

Do you have an EC meter?