What Is A Saliva Test And How Do I Pass One?

Detection in saliva tests begins almost immediately after smoking and can be detected in the system for 12-24 hours after use.

Could A Saliva Test Detect Cannabis?

As a lifelong marijuana user, one of the biggest challenges I face is pre-employment drug testing. I have ranted before about how many types of tests unfairly target marijuana smokers so I will not get into that. My focus is specifically on saliva or spit tests. They are becoming increasingly prevalent in the workplace since they can be administered by an employer at the job site. The best thing about this test is it is very easy for marijuana smokers to pass!
Saliva (oral fluid-based) drug tests can are set up to detect use during the previous few days. Saliva tests, for the most part, are very difficult to adulterate. On-site oral based tests in enable the employer to randomly test employees, which is recognized to be the most effective type of drug screening. Testing is usually performed by employers, for either pre-employment, random, post-accident, reasonable suspicion, or return-to-duty testing. Saliva test provide results similar to the results of a blood test and is favorite for detecting on-the-job drug use or in post-accident testing.

Compare this to other common drugs:

Marijuana and hash: 12-24 hours

Cocaine: 1 day
Opiates: Up to 2-3 days
Meth and ecstasy: Up to 2 to 4 days.
Alcohol: 6-12 hours

Wow! A drug test that is easier for weed smokers to pass then it is for a meth addict!

I’ve heard cases where people can smoke the same day and still pass! As a general rule, the easiest way to pass a saliva test is to stop smoking for a day or two prior to taking the test. Be sure to brush your teeth thoroughly and use mouthwash daily to clean out the potential toxins.

Of all the drug testing solutions employers use, the saliva test is the most weed friendly and the easiest to pass. If you have anymore tips or tricks, feel free to post them here for all to read and benefit from.

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Hope you all passed. Be safe!


So Bruh do u think I passed this mouth swab I last smoked Thursday night and had a mouth swab interview on Tuesday at 1pm, I used like listerine mouth wash every day prolly 3+ times a day I bought a new tooth brush used that prolly like 3 times day I also took Niacin pills like at least one a day to try and detoxify the last like two days I used Hydrogen peroxide as mouth wash a few times a day and the morning of I brushed my teeth and used mouth wash normally and ate mcds like 10 min before I went I’m just tripping hoping I passed it


I smoked weed this morning around 9 something and had a drug screening at 1 i brush my teeth afterwards and I thought I was ok because I had urine but when I got there it was a swab test im so nervous and scared because I know I failed it I've read stories where people said that they passed the day of when they smoked that morning but I didn't rinse with listerine so i most definitely probably didnt pass and Ik its nothing I could do now


Hey all, I decided to write a little experience comment, because every where I looked online I couldn't find a solid answer to someone passing a saliva drug test.
I've read multiple pages claim 24-72 hours abstinence from weed will be enough.
I'm pumped because I just passed my drug test (for a job I really wanted) and I last puffed the golden stuff 23 hours ago.
I smoke regularly and usually concentrate, so needless to say I was worried.
The key is brushing of the teeth. Do it like you haven't visited the dentist in years and are about visit again. I brushed everything inside my mouth, gums, tongue, even the cheeks. Every single millimeter inside, better safe than sorry. I brushed 3 times the day before and 4 times the day of.
Also drink copious amounts of water, use mouthwash every time you brush, and I even went a little extra with gargling vinegar and water right before heading out to test.
Passed the saliva drug test no problem, good luck to everyone!


If I have not smoked for 17 days and tested clean on pee test. Of course the company pulled a saliva test. Should I be concerned?