7 Unique Stoner Gifts for the Holidaze

With the holiday season comes the hunt for the perfect holiday stoner gifts...here are some of our favorites this year!

What are the best weed themed holiday gifts for the stoner in your life in 2017?

It’s that time of year again! Everyone is in search of the perfect holiday gifts for the weed connoisseur in their life. Whether you are looking for gifts for the seasoned stoner or the newbie who is just getting familiar with the plant, these cannabis accessories are sure to be ones that will please!

The Hydro Vape Backpack by Vaprwear

The Vaprwear Hydro-Vape Backpack is the world’s first backpack to deliver integrated, portable hydration and vapor delivery. The patented Drawstring™ vapor delivery system is built directly into the shoulder strap, providing convenient vapor access. Add your preferred hydration bladder into the internal pocket, and access its mouthpiece from the convenient, zippered TechChamber. Designed for active outdoor lifestyles, the Vaprwear Hydro-Vape Backpack is constructed from durable, water-resistant materials with plenty of room for gear or a laptop and office, school, or outdoor supplies. This is sure to please any outdoor enthusiast, work commuter, or really any cannabis consumer who likes to vape (although there is plenty of room to stash your other smoke accessories inside of it too!).

The Leather Dugout by SilverStick

The Toasted Brown Leather Dugout is designed for your life on the go. It holds your lighter, pipe, herb, poker, and filters in one discrete and compact place the size of the palm of your hand. Each Leather Dugout is handmade in the U.S. out of warm, brown, high-quality leather, and has etched icons of the contents into the leather, so you know exactly where they fit best. The Dugout kit includes a SilverStick one-hitter pipe with cap, cotton filters, a stainless steel poker, an airtight container, for your weed, and a silver metal clipper lighter.

The Maya by Annabis

You have seen Annabis featured in our gifting articles before (we love them!), but this style, the Maya, may be the most versatile of all of their bags and is perfect for the stoner lady on your holiday gift list. Throw this carry bag in a tote or keep it in your hand like a clutch...it looks great either way. Easy-access but secure external phone pocket maximizes inside storage for your cannabis. Two internal Aroma-Bloc™ (patented technology that consists of thin layers of resin film that’s typically used in the medical, food and electronics industries that seals accessories with airtight zippers to keep the scent inside where it belongs) zippered compartments keep even the strongest-smells contained. Handbag neatly organizes your tools of discretion like mints, eye drops and perfume as well. This is one of our favorites for the season! Whether you are running to to grab ingredients for your holiday feast or attending the annual holiday party, it’s just perfect! ‘Tis the season!

Handcrafted from durable medical-grade borosilicate glass, the Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker is a water pipe engineered to rip with maximum filtration. With a wide base for stability and a ground-glass connection for an airtight seal, this bong has high thermal resistance that will withstand all temperature variances. Slits on its diffused downstem create fine bubbles during use, making for smooth delivery of pure, water-cooled smoke. Each Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker is sold in a reusable, collector’s case for safe storage and transport and includes a custom ice mold for extra smooth rips. This is literally the most all around pleasing gift for the occasional or regular weed smoker on your holiday gift list.

The Dipper by Dipstick Vapes

You have already heard TWB rave about this product, but it essentially a battery operated nectar collector used for dabbing. The Dipper is a unique and multi-functional concentrate vaporizer, and is sleek and efficient and allows for dabs to be easily accessible anywhere you go. The innovative Vapor Tip Atomizer is a convenient and simple way to dab without a rig and torch or any loading. The Quartz Crystal Atomizer allows the user to load the Dipper like a traditional pack-and-go pen but get a true dab hit. And now it comes in 3 different styles!! This product is hands down the best concentrate vaporizer on the market and is perfect for the consumer who dabs exclusively, or for someone just wanting to get familiar with cannabis concentrates.

The Chrome Kitty Pipe by Make Good Choices

This hand made, kitty pipe is ready to take your smoking experience to the next level. It's glazed with a matte metallic chrome glaze and adorned with a gold collar. There is an indentation in the back of the cat for packing a nice sized bowl to toke out of the tiny hole on top of her head. The thing I like best about this accessory, aside from how well it hits, is that it can easily be used as a decorative piece on your mantle or shelf...it’s so cute!

Happy Gnome cards by Zelpha Comics and Collectables

Created by Zelpha Comics in partnership with Washington State-based Custom Comic Shop, these are unique Cannabis-based trading card sets. Happy Gnome is a trading card set where the cards contain fun and ridiculous images of the Happy Gnome Family as they enjoy the different types of Cannabis showcased on each card. These were designed by an American Navy Vet with PTSD and a Canadian former depressive, and the name of each featured stain of cannabis takes on a funny new meaning. You'll enjoy what you see on every card! Perfect for the gamer or collector.

Happy Holidaze!!

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