Do Health Insurance Companies Cover Medical Marijuana?

A question that I often get asked is ‘does my health insurance company cover medical marijuana?’ Unfortunately, the answer is no.

Medical marijuana has been proven to be an effect form of treatment for numerous conditions. There are well over 20 states in America that allow some form of medical marijuana. Exactly how many states allow medical marijuana depends on your definition of a medical marijuana program. Some states allow many forms of medical marijuana, while other states only allow CBD-only forms of medical marijuana. In the case of Minnesota, smoking medical marijuana is prohibited – you have to vaporize it, eat it, or take it in pill form.

Support for medical marijuana is the highest it has ever been in America, and more and more people are turning to medical marijuana for relief from their symptoms. More doctors are working with medical marijuana patients, and more states are exploring medical marijuana reform. However, health insurance companies are still staunchly against covering medical marijuana under their plans. Per Drug Watch:

The FDA must approve a drug before insurers will cover it as treatment. However, the FDA says it won’t approve medical marijuana until it sees clinical studies that answer questions about effectiveness, safety and potential side effects.
But it can’t get studies until the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) issues a permit to researchers to purchase and experiment with pot. The researchers would then have to explain what they’re doing, why they’re doing it and how they would keep the pot secure during a clinical trial.

Health insurance companies will find any excuse that they can to deny coverage. The fact that marijuana is illegal under federal law is all health insurance companies need to deny coverage. Hopefully when medical marijuana is legal at the federal level, health insurance companies will be forced to change their policies. Until then, medical marijuana patients will have to find other means to pay for their medical marijuana doctor’s visits and medicine, which is far from cheap.

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I asked my primary care physician about CBD a few days ago. He said it will probably be another two to three YEARS before dispensaries will be open in AR. He based that on his information that the dispensaries will have to obtain and/or produce the products from plants grown in Arkansas. ...of course he also said they(medicinal marijuana products) are addictive which is ludicrous as saying coffee or coca-cola is addictive. I had hoped my health insurance company would cover part of the costs IF purchased via dispensary rather than online but as long as professional idgits are running the show, no chance.


I know that the medical insurance companies aren't going to do anything until it becomes available on a federal level. My main concern is that when Arkansas finally gets their dispensaries open . Which I still don't understand what's taken so long since we passed for medical back in 2016. But back to my point. It's already gonna be so hard to find a Dr willing to help you. I don't think they should be changing so much for it especially when you see their normal rates for any other uninsured regular patients aren't even paying half of that! Then another way the dispensaries could help would be lower prices for medical patients in States that offer medical and recreational sales.