List of Marijuana Slang Terms

Many of us know where marijuana slang terms come from. Many marijuana slang terms are racist in nature.

This has to be the most complete list of marijuana slang terms on the planet. Figured it was worth sharing. Thanks again for this uber complete list of marijuana slang terms,

The Office of National Drug Policy has a few marijuana slang  and colloquial terms for marijuana I was unfamiliar with. As a weed blogger, this is inexcusable, but I’m notoriously uncreative, plus I’m not prowling the streets for junk schwag in NYC (delivery for life!), looking for more marijuana slang terms. :).

Find out every marijuana slang word ever uttered about marijuana from “A-Bomb” to “Zoom.” Plus, other marijuana slang terms you had no idea our government was using to describe weed, pot, nugget, sticky icky, marijuana or…Jeesh they’re ridiculous. Peep them after the jump and impress your friends with some “dope” new marijuana slang.

No. 1-1

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