Ex-Tesla Employee Fired for Medical Cannabis Use Calls Out Elon Musk Hypocrisy

The young woman had informed Tesla that she used legal medical cannabis, which might show up in a drug test.

Crystal Guardado worked at Teslas Fremont, California factory when she was fired for violating what she called companys vague drug use policy that company CEO Elon Musk used to terminate any employee they deemed as a threat.

Prior to her termination, Guardado says shed informed the company that she had a medical marijuana recommendation and used cannabis, which might show up in a drug test.

But that didnt stop Tesla from firing her. Guardado told Bloomberg News that she believes she was let go for being vocal about safety concerns within Tesla and for her support of the United Auto Workers union. Tesla denied to Bloomberg that it had fired anyone for supporting the union.

When Guardado watched Musk sharing a toke and downing whiskey with comedian Joe Rogan on his podcast recently, she was understandably irked by her former bosss hypocrisy.

It was just like a slap in the face to me and my son, said Guardado, a single mom. Elon Musk is just smoking it out in the open, knowing that he uses his very vague drug policy as a way to fire people that are a threat to him.

Referred to by one news site as puff tweeted around the world, Musk is undergoing a scalding public relations backlash.

Musks devil-may-care attitude, in addition to the public relations disasters, may end up costing him his US government security clearance. Musk has security clearance because another of his companies, SpaceX, provides satellite launch services to the U.S. government.

Meanwhile, Teslas stock prices dropped following Musks appearance on the podcast. Teslas chief accounting officer, Dave Morton, also resigned from the company after only one month on the job.

Morton cited displeasure over the intense public scrutiny and negative attention Tesla was receiving as his reason for resigning.

It looks like the companys CEO decided to add to the negative attention.

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<rant> HE DIDNT EVEN INHALE! HES NOT A CANNABIS USER he would rather take LSD or ambien so call him out on that shit..

sorry you lost your job..... cannabis might be legal for all adults 21 and older to use in California.. but you can still lose your job for off duty marijuana use.. >>>>even if a doctor recommends it


TALK YOUR CONGRESSMEN ABOUT >>>>Assembly Bill 2069 to prohibit an employer from engaging in employment discrimination against a person on the basis of his or her status as, or positive drug test for cannabis by, a qualified patient or person with an identification card.

but move on from the non issue of mr rich smart guy taking a newbie quasi hit.. he is NOT a successful cannabis user because HE DOESNT USE IT.... also... his stock went right back up... hes no martyr for this cause... hes got no horse in this race...

hypocrisy my ass.. if you watched the podcast youll see he barely knows what hes smoking... OR HOW....


Mikayla Miller
Mikayla Miller

This is ridiculous! Wow, hypocrisy for sure!